Fuchs/Silkolene Pro S & Pro R Special Offer

This is a special offer to our email subscribers and these prices are not generally available on our website. With Fuchs Silkolene Pro-S and Pro-R at only £37.49 you are saving £16 on the RRP of £54. This offer will end midnight Sunday 13th June 2010, so make sure you place your order in time.

To buy Fuchs Silkolene ProS / R you MUST visit the link below.

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Fuchs Silkolene Pro S is an ester based, fully synthetic motor oil created to meet the needs of the most discerning motorist. Pro S is suitable for use in all modern cars and is particularly recommended for high performance engines. The full synthetic base fluid ensures that the products are thermally stable and extremely resistant to oxidation, even when stressed to the extremes of endurance.

Fuchs Silkolene Pro R 15W-50 is a race proven engine oil with a high synthetic content. Utilising advanced wear reducing chemistry, ester synthetic base materials and technology derived from aircraft turbojet engine lubrication, Pro R 15W-50 exhibits load-carrying and film strength properties considerably in excess of those achieved with conventional mineral or synthesised hydrocarbon lubrications (PAOs).

If your thinking of buying other products instead of our Special offer Fuchs Silkolene then make  sure you look at the CLEARANCE section which has products for both Cars and Bikes.

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