Ford has announced plans to go fully electric in Europe by 2030, meanwhile all models will have a zero emissions-capable option by 2026.

As governments around the world look to tighten vehicle emissions by ending the sale of new internal combustion-engined cars, manufacturers have slowly started announcing their own targets for the future. Just a few days ago Jaguar Land Rover announced it would go fully electric by 2025, now Ford has announced it will follow suit by 2030.

Ford to go fully electric

To do so, Ford is spending $1 billion dollars on electrifying it’s Cologne plant, which is part of a wider $22 billion investment into electrifying the entire range. The first production car to leave the new electrified-Cologne plant will utilise VW’s MEB platform and is likely to be smaller than the Ford Mach-E.

For commercial vehicles, emissions targets are less stringent and as a result, if you still want internal combustion after 2030, you can do. By 2024, all of Ford’s commercial vehicles will have a zero emissions variant with the Blue Oval expecting plug-in hybrids and electric options to make up two-thirds of its sales by 2030.

What does this mean?

In short, car’s like the Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 and Ford Focus ST will either morph into a new model or adopt an electrified powertrain of some sort, either in plug-in hybrid format to begin with and later on as a fully electric vehicle. Let’s just hope that the chassis genius that Ford possesses isn’t lost in the future.


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