Combining over 160 years of expertise with cutting-edge tuning knowledge, Hendy Performance has developed a modular range of tuning packages for the Ford Focus RS Mk3 that makes it even hotter. Scorchio!

Ford’s third generation Focus RS is one of the most accomplished hot hatches on the road. Powered by a 345bhp, 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine and endowed with a trick four-wheel drive transmission featuring ‘drift mode’, it is easily a rival for the best in the business and is a car more than worthy of wearing the respected RS badge. But what if you want more out of your Dagenham destroyer? Well, you just have to take a trip over to Hendy Performance to check out their HP 500 kit…

The HP500 kit is the culmination of a series of modular performance upgrade kits designed by Hendy’s in-house tuning gurus exclusively for the Ford Focus RS Mk3. Each of the modular packages is conceived to address a specific weak point in the standard RS’s arsenal, and also to complement the rest of the upgrades, allowing owners to either work their way up the ladder, or go straight to the top and opt for the complete HP500 kit. However, with all but the final two packs, which need to be completed in strict order to ensure reliability, you are also free to cherry pick which packs you want in any order you want, depending on your specific goals and finances.

“After evaluating the Ford Focus RS Mk3 we highlighted four distinct areas that we felt we could improve upon,” says Hendy’s John Haylett. “These were: increasing traction and reducing torque steer; adding more power, torque and response; lowering and stiffening the suspension; and adding a more seductive sound track to the exhaust note.”

And looking at the comprehensive list of quality components that make up each of the Hendy Performance upgrade kits, we reckon they’ve nailed it! Read on to find out what you get for your cash and how you can make your RS a 500bhp+ monster!

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Hendy Performance

As well as being distributors of more that 36 top tuning brands that cover a full range of makes and models from Mustangs to Mazdas, Hendy Performance can also provide you with top quality spanner work too, including fitting of performance parts through to classic car restorations and trackday preparation.

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