First customized 2021 Ford GT Studio Collection car revealed

Ford is adding new customization options for its GT supercar.

On Monday, the automaker unveiled the first 2021 Ford GT Studio Collection car. Announced last year, the Studio Collection option allows buyers to customize the exterior and graphics, with seven standard colors, and an “extended palette” offering a wider range of options, Ford spokesperson Jiyan Cadiz said.

The first completed Studio Collection car features a Shadow Black exterior with Competition Orange accents, including a single racing stripe and highlights around the side air intakes.

2021 Ford GT Studio Collection

2021 Ford GT Studio Collection

Only 40 GT buyers will get the Studio Collection option, including 20 each for the 2021 and 2022 model years. That makes the Studio Collection the second most exclusive Ford GT limited edition offered, after the Liquid Carbon Edition, which was limited to 12 units.

For 2021, Ford is also offering a new GT Heritage Edition. The latest in a series of Heritage Edition GTs, it pays tribute to the GT40 Mk II Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby drove to victory at the 1966 Daytona 24 Hours. Like the winning Mk II, the 2021 Ford GT Heritage Edition wears white paint with red accents and the number 98 (a favorite number of Miles’ boss, Carroll Shelby). The Heritage Edition also sports exposed carbon fiber and gold 20-inch forged aluminum wheels. Production is limited to 50 units.

Ford previously confirmed to Motor Authority that the run of 1,350 GTs will not increase with the addition of the Studio Collection or the latest Heritage Edition for 2021. The standard 2021 Ford GT starts from about $500,000, and you can expect the Studio Collection and Heritage Edition models to top that by considerable margins.


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