Fiesta Zetec High Flow Intake Chamber

Pipercross Launch New Fiesta Zetec HFIC Kit

Induction maestro Pipercross has launched a superb new High Flow Intake Chamber (HFIC) kit for the perennial Fiesta Zetec S – and it promises an additional 6 BHP and 3 lbft of torque straight  ‘out of the box’!

The beautifully made kit – hand fabricated here in the UK – has been designed to a direct fit to the factor set-up, replacing the entire bottom half of the OEM airbox with a powder-coated aluminium chamber, complete with high-performance Pipercross filter element. The filter itself will flow between 35-40% more air than the factory filter, whilst still being able to filter to a finer level, protecting the engine from the ingress of any foreign particles. The filter element can also be re-cleaned and re-oiled regularly and is guaranteed for life.

With a significantly larger lower intake in addition to a sizeable side intake, the kit can also force more air into the engine’s induction system, augmenting the filters already superior performance – hence the impressive figures obtained during independent testing sessions.

The kit is priced at just £119.99 including Vat and is the perfect first modification for any road or track based Fezzer.

For more details on the Pipercross range, please visit or call the team on 01604 707750.

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