Welcome to Fast Car TV! With awesome builds, new products, tech talks and which cars we’d buy to modify, think of it as the magazine…but moving and talking! In this episode, Jules from Fast Car is joined by Elliott from Performance VW to discuss some modern Volkswagen bargains and drool over a twin turbo LW Huracan show car built for SEMA in a week! Make sure you check out Ep13 here and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel

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With no SEMA 2020 event for obvious reasons, it was a good time to look back at some of the crazy cars that appeared at SEMA 2019, with this twin turbo LW Huracan, just one of the special, unique cars on display. It’s made even more special when you realise the team behind the build had it completed in just one week…

Also in the video, Elliott talks us through some VW bargains that you can get your hands on if you’re looking for fun, but cheap thrills. And Jules talks us through products and tech.

You can have a nosey through our selection of cars from SEMA 2019 here.


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