Edd China starts work on a 1962 Alvis in “Workshop Diaries” episode 4

“Edd China’s Workshop Diaries” has already seen the former “Wheeler Dealers” host tackle a Volkswagen T5 van and a Land Rover Range Rover, but for the fourth episode he’s starting a new project: a 1962 Alvis TD21.

With the Range Rover giving him some issues, China decided to put it aside temporarily and shift focus to the Alvis. One of many defunct British automakers, Alvis dates back to 1919 and has since built a cult following with its sports cars and race cars. The company stopped making cars in 1967, but a continuation-car program was announced in 2019.

This TD21 was originally owned by a Royal Navy rear admiral (typical of the Alvis owner demographic, according to China), but now has a long list of issues. China decided to start with the headlights, which randomly refused to work.

Edd China works on a 1962 Alvis TD21

Edd China works on a 1962 Alvis TD21

Figuring out the problem required removing the headlight switch from the dashboard, and to do that, China first looked at a brand-new replacement switch for clues. There weren’t any useful clues to be found, unfortunately, so China ended up popping off the dashboard’s walnut fascia and digging around in the nest of wires behind it.

Replacing the headlight switch solved the problem, but China also noted that one of the secondary lights was having some issues. He’s saving that for a future episode.

China also continued telling the story of setting a Guinness World Record for world’s fastest electric ice cream van, begun in the previous episode. This time, he covers removing the diesel engine from a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in preparation for the electric conversion, as well as sourcing the motor. He wanted to use that motor with the stock Mercedes transmission, so he scanned the two parts in order to design a custom adapter. Watch the full video to see how he did it.


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