Edd China begins work on a neglected 1982 Range Rover in “Workshop Diaries” episode 2

Former “Wheeler Dealers” co-host Edd China is back with a new YouTube show called “Edd China’s Workshop Diaries,” where he tackles projects at his home garage. For the second episode, China begins work on a friend’s 1982 Land Rover Range Rover.

Powered by the 3.5-liter V-8, this Range Rover saw plenty of off-road use, but was then parked for about 10 years. China is tasked with getting it running again.

The first step is simply getting into the Range Rover, which requires a bit of penetrating fluid on the doors hinges, and getting the hood unstuck. This is why it’s not a good idea to leave a car sitting for so long.

Edd China works on a 1982 Land Rover Range Rover

Edd China works on a 1982 Land Rover Range Rover

China then sets about diagnosing problems with the V-8, which won’t start. Because the Range Rover had been sitting for so long, China charges the battery and drains the fuel tank before even attempting to start it. Batteries won’t hold their charge indefinitely, after all, and gasoline will break down after awhile.

With the battery charged and fresh gasoline in the tank, China tries firing up the engine. But while the V-8 turns over with no problems, he doesn’t get ignition. He can’t hear the fuel pump turn on, providing a clue about the problem. However, we’ll have to wait until a future episode to see if a faulty fuel pump is the issue.

Midway through the episode, China takes his customary break for tea, and uses the time for a new segment in which he answers viewer questions. His car knowledge and engineering expertise come into play here with some smart answers, though there isn’t that much China can do remotely to help diagnose problems and come up with hands-on solutions.

This is China’s third attempt at a YouTube show after leaving “Wheeler Dealers” over creative differences. Basically, he disagreed with new producer Discovery’s plan to skip the nerdier details in order to appeal to a more general audience. Those details are exactly what China is focusing in “Workshop Diaries,” so if you’re really into the nuts and bolts (no pun intended) of car restoration, give it a watch.


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