Audi may bring its rear-wheel drive R8 to the US as a 2021 model

The rear-wheel drive Audi R8 went from a limited edition to a permanent fixture in the lineup, but it is not currently sold in the United States. That may be about to change. EPA fuel-economy listings show the rear-wheel drive Audi R8 as a 2021 model. Listings for “2WD” versions of the 2021 R8 coupe […]

Morgan built its last steel chassis after 84 years

After 84 years of nearly continuous production, Morgan has built its last steel-chassis car. All Morgan sports cars will now use the bonded-aluminum CX-Generation chassis introduced in March 2019. The steel ladder-frame chassis was introduced in 1936 and has remained in production ever since, except for production stoppages during World War II and the coronavirus […]