10 features that make you and your new car faster

A stiff body structure, a powerful engine, and a suspension that maximizes traction are the basic bones of performance. However, automakers have developed numerous features that can help cars and an ever-growing subset of SUVs get more from those basics—to go faster in a straight line, through corners, and around a track. Still other features […]

Tesla owner in CA goes full “Cyber Club Mode” in ultimate DIY project during shelter in place

By Joey Klender Posted on March 29, 2020 California-based Tesla Model 3 owner Dr. Gregory Chew took his passion for music and car customizations to a whole new level by installing a unique LED fiber optic kit in the ultimate do-it-yourself project. The aftermarket LED upgrade does more than just light the interior cabin of […]

Christian von Koenigsegg explains how to start a car company

If you want to start a car company, Christian von Koenigsegg is the man to talk to. His eponymous firm has only built a small number of high-priced supercars, but it’s still one of the few new automakers to survive in the modern era. This short video provides some of words of wisdom from von […]