ix20 tuning

The ix20 replaces the Matrix and is based on the Kia Venga and shares the i20 and Kia Soul platform. This means that parts between models are often interchangeable, so offers a low cost upgrade route. Originally 4 engines were offered on the IX20, namely the petrol line in the form of the 1.4 L […]

Tesla gets full ‘Top Gear’ treatment, Chris Harris to buy Model 3 ‘soon’ after review

By Simon Alvarez Posted on June 24, 2019 There was once a time when UK-based auto show Top Gear practically ignored the existence of Tesla vehicles on the car market. If the popular motoring program’s recent episode is any indication, that time appears to be long gone. The auto show’s host, Chris Harris, has become […]

i20 tuning

“Thank you for reading my i20 tuning guide.” Hyundai i20 is the new spacious supermini that takes on the Ford Fiesta using a completely new platform and became popular very quickly thanks to good reviews and press coverage. We take a peek at i20 tuning and summarise the best modifications. Hyundai i20s are fantastic to work on and […]