The new BMW i4 is entering its final phase of testing, and with that, BMW decided that the best way to test it was to go drifting…

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What is the new BMW i4?

The BMW i4 is BMW’s latest electric-drive push and the first new electric car from Munich since the introduction of the i3. BMW revealed its plans to enter into the gran coupe sector with a new electric vehicle alongside a concept car, which was unveiled at the online equivalent of the Genvea motor show.

The BMW i4 is capable of a 0-62 time of just four seconds, thanks to a 523bhp motor. However, BMW hasn’t just focused on straight line speed, as the video above proves. BMW has attempted to stay true to its driving dynamic roots by developing a new traction control system its calling ARB. This new system will mean its able to put down its power in the most sensible way. And of course by that it means you can send it sideways at the dab of the throttle.

BMW i4

‘For the first time, we’ve developed a BMW with sporty DNA for purely electric driving entirely from scratch,’ explained project manager David Alfredo Ferrufino Camacho. ‘The BMW i4 offers everything BMW stands for – and it’s fully electric, too.’

If you’re a BMW M fan you may want to listen up. BMW suggests that an i4M could well make its way into production. That has only been confirmed by prototype i4s spotted on the roads around Munich. Those cars featured M-style wing mirrors and a wider rear track, with signature blue brake calipers.

BMW i4

BMW i4 production cars are expected to start rolling out in 2021.


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