Performance air suspension supremo Air Lift Performance has just unveiled an all-new front and rear lowering kits for 2020+ BMW G20 and G21 models. Created to achieve the maximum drop without sacrificing performance and a comfortable ride, whether on the street, the track, or at a show.

The front kit features progressive-rate, double-bellow air springs, paired with threaded-body monotube struts. With 30-levels of damping adjustability, the system is able to be customised to each car builder’s unique performance needs. Topped off with adjustable camber plates, the kit provides precise steering feel, comfortable ride, and superior body support. All elements combined, the front kit drops the vehicle down 105mm (4.1”) from stock height.

In the rear, it’s a similar setup, with double-bellow air springs, paired with threaded-body shocks, once again featuring 30-levels of damping adjustability, all combined to drop the rear down 155mm (6.1”) from stock height.

All Air Lift Performance kits are torture-tested on in-house validation equipment, and both the front and rear G20/21 kits are backed by a one-year, unlimited-mileage warranty.

Price £POA

For more info see Air Lift Performance or Car Audio Security


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