Watch as AutoTopNL takes Evolve Automotive’s 1000hp BMW M5 F90 from 0-186mph in under 20 seconds…

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UK-based Evolve Automotive are no strangers to big power BMWs as they’ve been tuning them for years. Its latest project, a BMW M5 F90, had a lot to live up to with Imran’s, owner of Evolve Automotive, F10 M5 upsetting supercars at top speed events over the years.

The new BMW M5 F90 has barely been about long enough to tune, let alone packing a whopping 1000hp.

AutoTopNL crack the 0-300kmh (186mph) sprint in under 20 seconds. To understand just how bonkers that statistic is, it’s good to know that the Mclaren 720S cracks the same speed in 18.6 seconds, that’s just 1.1 seconds quicker than the best time this F90 M5 achieved…


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