Dotz Wheels to Mod Live At USC 2010

Leading wheel designer Dotz has long been known as the ideal ‘first call’ to improve the look of any car, but for this year’s Ultimate Street Car show at Santa Pod, they’re going one better! Over the three days of the show between the 6th and 8th of August, an assembled Dotz team will transform a stock hatchback into a showstopper, changing almost every part of the car in the process!

In front of a capacity 35,000 crowd, the Dotz build area will be a hive of activity over the weekend as the chosen ride literally gets reduced to a rolling shell, before having numerous upgrades including interior, suspension, induction, exhausts, brakes, audio and of course, a bespoke set of Dotz wheels. As a piece of literal ‘performance art’ it should be quite some spectacle with the team attempting to fit a week’s worth of work into the timeframe of the show.

It’s not only the thronging crowd that will get to enjoy watching the team perform under pressure, as the whole show, including the build, is being filmed for a one-hour special going out on Motors and Eurosport in peak-time air-slots later in the year.

So what car will they use? ‘That’s under wraps at the moment,’ explained Alcar UK Managing Director Kevin Greer. ‘We are still talking to our build and commercial partners to make sure that we all put on the very best show – and the car has to reflect that. The build will be inspirational, informative and entertaining, so bank on it being a core tuner motor – and that we’re going to throw a catalogue of the very best tuning parts at it over the weekend. All being well, if we finish on time, the plan is to run it up the strip to close the show on the Sunday.’

The build area certainly sounds like the place to be during USC with DJs, Models, wheel displays and Dotz merchandising to entertain the crowds as well as the delicious dilemma of well they/won’t they get it all finished on time?

‘We’re quietly confident.’ Smiled Kevin, ‘but that’s an awful lot of work in a tiny amount of time. Join us and find out!’

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Ford Tax Disc Holders from Richbrook

The latest official Ford accessory tax disk holders from market leaders Richbrook tip their perfectly machined hats towards two of the greatest icons in Ford’s history.

The first will appeal to dear ol’ Henry himself.. ‘Any colour you want – as long as it’s its black’ – as the great man once said. This flawless hue is applied to Richbrook’s best selling ‘twist-off’ tax disk holder, which affixes to the windscreen with the supplied 3M adhesive pads and makes swapping your tax disk as easy as it is annoying…

The other will appeal to fans of a Mr C. Shelby. Shelby’s farming background meant that in his early racing career, he would turn up to the track in his striped farm overalls. After a few results, these stripes became something of a trademark – and many of Ford’s finest have worn them ever since.

The good news is, you don’t need to be a World class racing driver or automotive trailblazer to afford one of these beauties. Henry’s all black number costs £19.95 and the twin striped number is just £22.95. So, whether you’re running a GT40, bubble-arch Mexico or RS Focus, they’ll look right at home.

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It does what it says on the bin!

The Richbrook Car Bin is an in-car essential for any motorist! The perfect solution for busy parents, drivers, families and anyone who spends their days behind the wheel. Simply pop it open, drop in the rubbish and then snap it closed! The bin holds a whopping 6 litres of rubbish and uses a roll of 30 ingenious biodegradable liners for convenience on the move.

The stylish looking bin is made from high-quality nylon and uses a simple clasp and Velcro pad to allow it to fit in a variety of places. On the back of a seat, in the footwell, or on the door card. No more apple-cores accumulating in the Aston. No more pop-cans precipitating in the Porsche. And no more crisp-packets cluttering up your Chrysler. Powerful magnets keep the top securely fastened to allow even high-speed merchants to keep their interior ship shape, no matter what’s inside.

The liners supplied with the Car Bin are clever. Very clever. Not only does the next one pop up as you dispose of the rubbish, but each one is made of Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic (OBD), meaning that once exposed to the environment it will harmlessly break down in a matter of months, rather than hundreds of years. Lovely! So your conscience will stay as clean as your interior…

Priced at £10.95, the Richbrook car Bin looks to be the saviour of dirty interiors, in-car diners, messy kids – and to a very small degree, the planet. Refill rolls of 30 biodegradable liners are available for just £3.95

For more information, please click to – or call the team on  01328 862387