Öhlins Release BMW E90 Road and Track Suspension Kit

Respected suspension maestro Öhlins has released the new benchmark in road-friendly, track-ready suspension for the BMW E90. The near-perfect balance of Munich’s super-saloon is the perfect recipient for the unique features of the Öhlins kit, which finally solves the puzzle of how to achieve a truly comfortable ride from competition-quality units.

Build quality is exceptional, with carbon-steel bodies and flawlessly anodised detailing. Öhlins’ pioneering dual-flow valve technology means that despite their light weight and slim-line profile, the Road and Track kit responds to road undulations in exactly the same manner as a traditional Macpherson strut set-up. The use of needle valves in the damping unit also means that even when the oil gets hot after a hard session on the circuit or ‘B’ road, the damping rate is kept absolutely consistent, even when the viscosity of the damping fluid changes.

Height adjustment is achieved by simple adjustment of the precision-machined threaded body and damping and rebound are tweaked simultaneously in one simple twist of the easily accessible knurled knob; allowing the supermarket run to be clicked off with limo-style smoothness and after a few seconds of adjustment, track days to be dispatched with racecar precision.

This unparalleled quality helps to explain Öhlins 2 year warranty and thanks to their racing heritage, each unit is fully serviceable and even upgradeable, should requirements or car specs change.

The complete kit is priced at  £1844.90 + VAT

For more information, please visit www.roadandtrackbyohlins.com or call Öhlins UK on 0203 286 3127.

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