Here’s what every button on an F1 steering wheel does

Glancing at a modern Formula 1 race car‘s steering wheel reveals a very complex contraption, and it’s just as in-depth of a wheel as it suggests. Mercedes-AMG, the reigning F1 champion, recently published a video with driver Valtteri Bottas to give fans a closer look at what action each button performs. Obviously, some of the […]

Ford updates its Taurus sold only in China

Ford ended production of the Taurus for North America just this month, but the nameplate lives on in China where Ford’s been selling a next-generation model since 2015. The Chinese-market Taurus is based on a stretched version of the CD4 platform found in the Fusion, as opposed to the outdated D3 platform that underpinned our […]

Tesla’s Sentry Mode will feature location-based activation options, says Musk

By Simon Alvarez Posted on March 22, 2019 Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently announced some new details for Sentry Mode, outlining the activation options of the newly released security feature. According to Musk, Tesla will be giving owners the choice to engage or disengage Sentry Mode depending on the vehicle’s location. Taking cues from the […]