Entrepreneurial Ford dealer will sell you a 725-hp F-150 for $39,995

Lebanon Ford in Ohio strikes again. For years, the dealership has offered rather affordable high-horsepower Mustangs. Now, it’ll sell anyone a 725-horsepower F-150 for $39,995. The truck deal is pretty much identical to the one for the Mustang: Any buyer can choose the F-150 they want, configure the truck exactly as they want it, and […]

Australia retakes world record for biggest simultaneous burnout

[embedded content] Australians kicked the new year off by retaking a record the country’s gearheads have long held. The land down under is once again home to the world record for the biggest simultaneous burnout. Australia reclaimed the record from Saudi Arabia, which claimed it in 2017 with 119 cars participating to fill the surrounding […]

Hennessey’s 1,035-HP Dodge Challenger SRT Demon sounds like it came from hell

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is already one hell of a car, but Hennessey Performance Engineering has (of course) gotten a hold of it and made it something more. With the company’s HPE1000 package, the Demon makes a whopping 880 horsepower at the rear wheels. That equates to around 1,035 hp at the crank! We’ve […]