Santa Pod Drift What You Brung Days

Thanks to Santa Pod, mastering the noble art of drifting (or holding your car in a controlled slide) has suddenly become much more attainable. Over the last few years, drifting has become one of the most popular forms of motorsport, emerging from its origins as an underground activity to become a mainstream art-form. Boasting its own championships, computer games – and even a dedicated Scalextric set!

Problem is, learning to drift can be quite tricky – and expensive. Particularly when you get it wrong! Drift competitions require a pretty high standard before you can enter, most drift-schools charge a small fortune – and funnily enough, neither the local constabulary or your local Tesco will appreciate you doing it on their turf.


Santa Pod have saved the day once again with their series of ‘Drift What You Brung’ events being held throughout 2009. Here, for just £60 for the entire day, drivers looking to learn or improve their drifting can hone their technique in a totally safe and legal environment. With Santa Pod’s vast tarmac stretching for acres, it’s also a great place to get it wrong, with absolutely nothing to hit!

DWYB events are suitable for all skill levels from beginner to expert. For beginners, tuition is included starting with basic donuts and figure-of-eights before progressing to full drifting techniques. Entries are limited to 50 people per day to ensure each driver has adequate track time and cars can be kept ludicrously far apart. Sorted!

DWYB events take place on a Wednesday or Saturday, with gates opening at 8.30am, tracks open from 9.30am through to 4pm and the site closing at 5pm. Tyre changing facilities are available. There’s even an on-site Cafeteria and merchandise available throughout the day. Passengers, spectators or even groupies swooning at your epic car control can also come along for a fiver! All you need to bring is a valid driving licence, a car, obviously – and a crash helmet. Beware though, it is addictive, so a spare pair of rear tyres is also not a bad idea for those planning a real monster rubber-burning session.

For more details and all 2009 dates, please click to or call the team on 01234 782828. Due to the popularity of the events, advance booking is highly recommended.

DWYB Dates 2009

•    14th Jan,
•    31st Jan
•    11th Feb,
•    28th Feb
•    11th March
•    28th March
•    15th April
•    29th April
•    13th May
•    3rd June
•    24th June
•    8th July
•    22nd July
•    5th Aug
•    19th Aug
•    16th Sept
•    7th Oct
•    24th Oct
•    11th Nov
•    2nd Dec
•    12th Dec

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