Samcosport Ford Focus RS Mk2 Turbo, Heater and Coolant Hose Kits

The Welsh silicone wizards at Samcosport have once again raised the bar for the aftermarket with the release of their comprehensive range of silicone hose upgrades for the much vaunted Ford Focus RS Mk2.

The three kits replace every single hose on the car, upgrading the vehicle’s ability to withstand higher temperatures and pressures, being a true ‘fit and forget’ upgrade thanks to SamcoSport’s unique lifetime warranty.

15 different colourways are available, ensuring detailing and showcar aficionados can mix or match to their heart’s content. Purists can opt for the ‘OEM+’ Classic black, or for the less shy, camouflage and custom flamed finishes can also be built to special order.

Thanks to their insistence on the highest grade French silicone and as the only hose manufacturer to still hand-finish every single hose, SamcoSport hoses have long since been the darling of all top-end Ford tuners and race teams. These latest designs continue that tradition and can be accentuated further with the use of Samcosport’s bespoke stainless steel hose clip kits for a stunning finish.

The coolant kit costs £155.89, the heater kit £53.74 and the turbo kit weighs in at £163.24. Custom hose clip kits start at £12.96. All prices exclude VAT.

For more information please visit or call the team on 01443 238464.

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