Podzilla – S'no joke!

Arctic conditions may have ground the entire country to a halt, but staff at Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire came up with a unique solution to the problem. Their 12 foot tall Monster Truck, ‘Podzilla’!

The impressive beast usually entertains the crowds at many of the venues exciting events, but when a lack of gritters made the entire 180 acre site inaccessible, General manager, David Lloyd-Jones decided to pull off the covers and have some fun in the snow.

‘She’s not the most practical winter transport,’ he laughed. ‘With the race fuel that Podzilla runs, we only get 15 gallons to the mile, (yes that is the right way round!) but with those massive 6 foot tyres, the snow suddenly doesn’t seem to be much of a problem!’

As well as providing a useful mode of transport around Santa Pod’s enormous grounds, Podzilla seemed to be a big hit with local kids, who couldn’t resist the temptation to hook up their sledges for a 1200 horsepower tow. Weather permitting, Podzilla will be pressed back into normal service for the action packed Stunt Night at the venue on the 20th February, where scrap cars rather than snow drifts will be dealt with in a similar manner!

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