Spotlight Accessories

Spotlight have recently launched a range of cool accessories to make their LED Torch even more useful to the millions.

Firstly we have the Spotlight Key Chain so that you can keep their torch around your neck, PERFECT for car shows and camping.

Then they have what they call the Fender Friend which allows you to use the Spotlight as a desk lamp or can be used under a car bonnet as it has a magnetic base. The MCP team are absolutely crazy about this product, “its a wicked little gadget, I always have one with me!  says Olly.

For more information please visit the Spotlight website.

There are more accessories to be released later his year so keep your eyes peeled, and most importantly, GET LIT !!

For more informati please visit

Podzilla – S'no joke!

Arctic conditions may have ground the entire country to a halt, but staff at Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire came up with a unique solution to the problem. Their 12 foot tall Monster Truck, ‘Podzilla’!

The impressive beast usually entertains the crowds at many of the venues exciting events, but when a lack of gritters made the entire 180 acre site inaccessible, General manager, David Lloyd-Jones decided to pull off the covers and have some fun in the snow.

‘She’s not the most practical winter transport,’ he laughed. ‘With the race fuel that Podzilla runs, we only get 15 gallons to the mile, (yes that is the right way round!) but with those massive 6 foot tyres, the snow suddenly doesn’t seem to be much of a problem!’

As well as providing a useful mode of transport around Santa Pod’s enormous grounds, Podzilla seemed to be a big hit with local kids, who couldn’t resist the temptation to hook up their sledges for a 1200 horsepower tow. Weather permitting, Podzilla will be pressed back into normal service for the action packed Stunt Night at the venue on the 20th February, where scrap cars rather than snow drifts will be dealt with in a similar manner!

New Coilovers for VW Scirocco

The German manufacturer has just released details of its latest fitment for the much vaunted hot-hatch and couth coupe. The Pro-Street S kit uses a rust-proof stainless steel body and adjustable spring platform to give a height adjustment of between 10 and 70mm lower than stock. With damper settings and spring rates all computer matched at the factory, The Pro Street S gives a surprisingly compliant ride, even when wound down to its lowest setting.


It’s not all about creating a killer stance of course, the springs used on the Pro Street S come straight from Eibach’s race proven ERS range, endowing the car with sharper cornering response and flatter attitude through the turns. Turn-in is greatly improved, and thanks to the car’s lower centre of gravity and improved airflow, stability, braking and speed are significantly enhanced.

Priced at just £808 and £849 + VAT for the Golf and Scirocco respectively, The new Eibach kits make a big difference at an extremely sensible price.

For more details check out your local car accessories store or find a stockist using the MaxxDirectory