Wide Arch RWD Mid Engine Vauxhall Nova FEATURE

We’ve been around a long time now, and we are always getting sent pictures of cars to feature – and here is one of those cars!

Here is Tony’s wide arch rwd mid engine vauxhall nova. He’s done a complete bear shell resto including a fully rebuilt e16se twin 40dcoe weber carb fast road cam engine over 15 k and he did it all in a tight single garage over two years;

Fully rebuilt 1.6 E16SE
Freshly serviced twin 40 webber carbs
Piper fast road cam
Piper vernier pully
Port and polished head
K&N filters

Rebuilt with a 4.18 final drive
Lighten and balanced fly wheel
Ebc sports clutch
Hydraulic slave cylinder

Complete custom stainless steel manifold and exhaust system

Front Nova coil overs
Poly bushes
Lower and upper strut braces
Gte tie bars and anti roll bar
Rear corsa c front coil overs
Corsa c front subframe and set up
Corsa c front hubs

Quife 2.5 quick rack

Front ebc turbo groveed 258 mm disc and ebc yellow stuff pads
Caviler front calipers
Rear mk5 astra calipers
Mk astra handbrake cables
Pug 106 disc
Ebc red stuff pads
Harry hockley bias pedal box
Hydrolic handbrake

Corbeau revolution seats fia approved
Luke 6 point harnees fia approved
Plumbed in fire extingsher
Full roll cage
Solid side mounts for seats
Black gsi dash
Gte digital dash
Door card re trim in black
All brake fuel and water pipes routed in side car

Wide arch kit
Poly carb windows
Front with scoopes and sliders
Single wiper conversion
Gsi spoiler
Painted in astra vxr oylimpic white

Cav 5 spoke
Toyo proxie t1r tyres

Fuel system;
Alloy fuel tank filled with foam
Facet fuel pump
Fuel reg a filter king

Hid headlight kit
Been rolling road and set up buy aldon automotive

Pipercross Performance Air Filter. BMW 2.5 and 3.0 1 and 3 series

Performance filtration specialist Pipercross has added two more core cars to its 3,000-strong model portfolio; the 1 and 3 series BMW models featuring either the 2.5 or 3.0 litre engine.

The Munich masterpieces share the same filter arrangement, meaning that this hand-made upgrade can be fitted to any car with either displacement. As it leaves the entire factory air box untouched, it’s also a warranty and insurance-friendly improvement that enhances that character and performance of the car, without spoiling it.

Both of these engines boast more than respectable performance figures from the factory, but really respond well to breathing modifications, with a panel filter and exhaust upgrade often being the first improvements that owners make. The Pipercross filter is designed to be an exact replacement for the rather asthmatic factory paper filter and uses multiple foam layers to allow up to 30% more air-flow through to the engine, improving power, torque and drivability over the stock set-up. Best of all, it’s made here in good old Blighty!

As well as increased flow rate, thanks to its unique (and patented) multi-laminated open cell polyurethane foam construction, the Pipercross upgrade can actually filter down to a much finer rate than the OEM part, preventing any foreign particles from entering the induction tract, meaning even greater protection for the  BMW’s engine. This same construction means that the filter can also go longer between service intervals than even leading cotton-gauze filters, before needing to be cleaned.

Best of all, despite these impressive abilities, the Pipercross filter comes with a lifetime warranty and can be easily cleaned again and again for re-use, providing decades of faithful service and paying for itself many times over.

The price is a very reasonable £44.25. Bearing in mind that it’s the only one you’ll ever need – what are you waiting for?

For more details on the Pipercross range, please visit www.pipercross.com or call the team on 01604 707750.

Pipercross Land Rover TD4 (Puma Engine) Panel Filter

Owners of Land Rovers fitted with the TD4 engine will be delighted to learn of the latest bespoke panel filter from induction specialists, Pipercross. The new filter is a direct replacement for the OEM part, dropping into the factory airbox in seconds. Thanks to a far superior flow rate, the filter can often bring improved driveability and throttle response – perfect for towing and off-roading.

The science behind this improved air-flow is the carefully selected multilayered foam used in the filters construction, offering 30% more air-flow than even the most efficient of OEM filters. The ingenious multi-layer design also filters down to a far finer rate, protecting the engine against damage and prolonging its serviceable life. Ideal for road-going cars, but absolutely essential for off-road machinery. Pipercross foam filters have been proven to flow stronger for longer in dusty environments than cotton gauze equivalents, too. Hence the reason that they are the choice of so many race teams.

These can be easily serviced at the appropriate intervals with Pipercross cleaning spray to keep the filter in tip-top condition. Thanks to a lifetime warranty, these filter makes huge financial sense – especially when you factor in the reasonable £34.85 price tag. Best of all, like the Land Rover itself, each filter is lovingly hand-crafted here in the UK.

As superb first upgrade to any TD4 Land Rover, it’s a modification you can undertake with your heart and your head. Even if you’re not running a TD4, with over 3,000 models covered in the range, there’s a good chance they have one to enhance and protect your engine.