Run in support of Sport Relief at the Fast Show

Run In Support Of Sport Relief At Santa Pod’s Fast Show

Petrolheads and car enthusiasts have never needed much excuse to attend Santa Pod’s season opening Fast Show -this year on the 21st of March – but, for 2010, there’s yet another great reason to visit the world famous quarter mile -to raise money for Sport Relief!

During the lunch break, all guests will be invited down onto the Pods hallowed tarmac, running the quarter mile track and its similarly sized run-off, before turning around and running back. By asking everyone to donate a minimum of a pound towards Sport Relief whilst running a measured mile, Santa Pod hopes to raise a sizeable sum on the day.

‘If you’ve ever wanted to run on our track, this has to be the cheapest way to do it!’ laughed Santa Pod’s general manager, David Lloyd Jones. ‘As the Fast Show fell on the day of Sport Relief’s official day, we thought this would be a fun way to try and raise a little extra money for them – and allow our guests to jog off their lunch! We’ve also got the Eurosport and Motors TV camera crews here covering the event, so as well as doing your bit for charity, who knows? You might end up on the telly as well!’

As well as the feel-good factor off the fund-raising activity, the show also has a lot to offer. From hot hatches and retros to full-blown supercars, everyone is represented at The Fast Show, making it easily the most diverse of all Santa Pod events… probably because everyone is desperate to get out and play with their cars after a long winter!

With Run What Ya Brung, dyno and a handling track, you’ll have a chance to press the pedal to the metal and stock up on pub ammo to fire at your mates, along with all sorts of activities off track, including the hilarious Miss Fast Show, popular Show & Shine competition, traders, monster truck show and stunt shows.

Weekend ticket holders can enjoy an extra day of Run What Ya Brung, and all weekend tickets include free camping and entry to the new and improved Pod Palais – a heated nightclub with top DJs, plush furnishings and even exotic dancers on Saturday night.

Tickets start from just £15 for a Sunday ticket, and £25 for a weekend ticket.

For more information, please visit or call the team on 01234 782828.

New Pipercross Venom For VW Golf 5 2.0T and Audi S3

Filtration specialist Pipercross has released a bespoke version of its ground breaking Venom sealed induction kit. This latest version is for the VW Golf Mark 5 2.0T and its mechanical sibling, the Audi S3.

The new Venom induction kit uses ground breaking new construction and material choices to give their best ever air-flow yet in a sealed intake design. This latest kit comes complete with OEM Style ‘hard piping’ with engine heat shields and MAF aperture, plus all accessories needed for a quick and easy fitment. The filter inside is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance, while the ingenious ‘click-together’ design makes for light weight. Essential for track and race applications.
The Venom has a massive 100mm open neck to allow maximum cold airflow though into the filter within. As well as being shielded from engine bay heat soak by the air-tight conical outer, the filter inside has a significantly larger surface area than any other sealed induction kit on the market. This increased airflow means more power, more torque and ultimately, more throttle response through each gear.

The filter inside uses a unique multi-laminated open cell polyurethane foam construction, meaning the Venom can actually filter down to a much finer rate than the OEM part, preventing any foreign particles from entering the induction tract and protecting the engine. This same construction means that the filter can also go longer between service intervals than even leading cotton-gauze filters, before needing to be cleaned.

In independent testing, with the factory ECU still in situ, the new kit recorded an impressive 35Nm increase at just 2750 rpm and a useful 7 BHP at 4650 RPM. This is despite the tendency for the VW’s ingenious management system to ‘balance out’ the effects of improved airflow. The kit’s real benefits will be seen on mapped or ‘chipped’ cars where the additional flow rates can be allied to improved fuelling and boost parameters to deliver truly significant gains.

Prices start at just £219.99 including VAT.

For more details on the Pipercross range, please visit or call the team on 01604 707750.

RCM Launch New Impreza Wide Track Time Attack Kit

Respected Subaru tuner Roger Clark Motorsport has unveiled an unparalleled no-compromise chassis upgrade for competitors looking to achieve the ultimate in handling and performance.

Their new Impreza kit is aimed squarely at the top-end competition market and uses the finest materials and construction to allow tuners to run the car radically low for circuit work, without compromising the geometry of the suspension arms. This is achieved by a drastic re-positioning of all key components, meaning that the new, rose-jointed arms can achieve the factory’s desired downward position at rest, as opposed to the undesirable uplifted situation that results from simply lowering a stock chassis set-up. Using this kit, the car can be lowered by over 3” without deviating from the suspension’s optimum positioning.

Material choice is exemplary. The uprights and brackets in the kit are machined from a solid HE15 billet, before being fitted with the very latest Subaru competition-spec wheel bearings and 22B wide track hubs. The studs used are also toughened and extended versions to allow a wide range of motorsport wheels to be fitted. The compression struts and track control arms are precision fabricated from Cro-Moly and utilise precise rose joints to ensure stiffness and accuracy in their movement.

As well as improving the geometry considerably, the kit also endows the recipient car with an increased track of 30mm per side, improving handling and turn-in further still,

The kit is engineered to suit each bespoke application, so can be ordered for any GC8 or GD8 chassis. Understandably, with every solution being tailor-made, prices are available on application.

For more details on the team and their extensive Subaru range, please visit or call them on 01455 828610.