Eibach Multipro. Now for Mitsubishi Evo X

After months and miles of exhaustive testing, Eibach Springs used the recent SEMA show to launch their latest Multipro Coilover kit onto the European market. The latest model to benefit from the firm’s acclaimed US R&D facility is the much-modified Mitsubishi Evo X.

While coilovers have formed part of Eibach’s product line up for many years now, the new Multipro range raises the bar for the industry in terms of price, performance and componentry. Multipro uses state-of-the-art remote reservoir damping and adjustable height platforms to endow the Evo with phenomenal levels of handling, while still maintaining a compliant and comfortable ride quality. Adjusters are conveniently situated to allow the driver to quickly adapt the car to road or track use, ensuring a quick tailoring of set-up to suit driving conditions. This is race-car adjustability with road-car usability.

The kit uses lightweight aluminium construction and 10-way adjustable compression and rebound damping to provide ultimate control. The springs used are direct from Eibach’s ERS race spring range and are coupled with precision spherical upper mounts to allow perfect alignment and set-up. Track-day enthusiasts now even have the opportunity to accurately corner weight the car for sublime handling, whereas fast-road aficionados can select comfort, ultimate grip – or anything in-between.

Priced at just £2,100.00 + VAT for the entire set, Give your Evo the X factor!

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