Car Builds – All Black Stealth BMW M3

Here we have had the luxury of talking to the owner of this amazingly fierce modified BMW M3. Haydn has owned this car for a few years and purchased it partially modified, with the intent of finishing it off, creating the perfect M3.

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This BMW M3 is the last generation of BMW M cars to have a naturally aspirated V8 powering it. And this engine produces a sound that non of its turbo-charged successors have been able to replicate.

We had the chance to catch up with Haydn, where we spoke about his motivations for purchasing an E93 M3. And his experience owning and driving this car. Check out what Haydn has to say below about his clean M3 build.

Question – What made you want to modify your M3?

Haydn – Since I was very young I’ve lived and breathed cars, my dad owning a replica AC cobra started the love. Spending evenings helping restore and repair it had me hooked. The adrenaline pumping through you after hearing the big V8 shouting from the side pipes is a memory engrained within me.

Question – How did you make the decision to purchase a BMW M3 over other cars?

Haydn – My BMW has been the first modified car I have owned, the biggest requirement was having a V8 under the bonnet. The M3 is such an iconic car I’ve always been a huge fan of them.

Everyone always says don’t drive your dream cars but I have not regretted it whatsoever. The modifications that have been made to the car have added to its mean look and really set it off.

Question – With that in mind, which aftermarket parts have you used in the build?

Haydn – When I bought the car the main expensive features had been carried out, I wanted to have a car that I could finish off due to working long hours.

It had been tuned by AMD in London. Having test driven a couple of M3’s the gear changes in this one after the map were a lot quicker and smoother. The full custom exhaust had been fitted, it has an electric valve allowing you to adjust the flow. This has been amazing, giving you the option to either cruise along or be an absolute hooligan!

The other work that has been carried out, spacers have been fitted along with lowering springs. And this has made a big impact making it tighter round the corners and personally improving the stance.

It has an after market M-Sport body kit, carbon fibre lip, skirts, diffuser and wing. I went for a more subtle body kit as I believe it suits the cars lines better than some of the more extravagant kits you can get.

Question – What part of the car build are you most proud of?

Haydn – The part of the build that I am most proud of is the changing of suspension.

I love the way the car looks and feels. It was a job that was done with my dad, and it was lovely to do a job like that again with him!

Question – Tell me about the performance of the car?

Haydn – The performance of the car puts a huge smile on your face. After the remap it is running 427BHP and 293NW of torque.

Everyone knows that the M3 V8 revs up to 8 and a half thousand. With the valves open and the engine screaming, it is an experience you never forget. Despite being slighter lower on torque the engine just keeps pulling and you can’t help but creep up into triple figures, on the autobahn of course…

I chose to go for the DCT transmission as I have never had an automatic before. Flicking through the gears with the F1 style paddle shifters makes for a very enjoyable and race like experience.

Question – Do you show the car at events?

Haydn – I try to take the car to as many shows as possible, although I haven’t been to the huge events but rather a lot of smaller ones.

There is something enjoyable about parking up and looking around everyone’s pride and joys. I find the time people take perfecting there vehicles to be very inspiring. Some of the builds that you see, people have clearly spent years working on.


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