That Racing Channel checks out an AWD Integra DA9 sleeper that’ll complete the 1/4 mile in 9 seconds and all thanks to a turbocharged non-VTEC B-series motor. 

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It’s not unusual to see a B-series Honda screaming all the way to its redline, helped along the way by a big turbo and spinning its front wheels to high heaven. What is unusual is to see a non-VTEC B-series engine at the heart of the second-generation Honda (or Acura here as it was sold as in the United States) being pushed along the road by a turbo spinning at 36psi of boost while sending the power down to the ground to all four wheels. The result? An AWD Integra DA9 sleeper that’ll complete the quarter mile in 9 seconds.

What’s nice to see is a sleeper that embodies that character to the max, with the only tell-tale signs that this is modified coming in the shape of sticky Toyos wrapped around 15-inch Volk TE37 wheels and a roll-cage inside. OK, you can peep the intercooler hidden behind the front grille, but you’d need to be looking for it to notice. The only other way you’ll see that this is no ordinary car is when it leaves you behind at a set of lights…

Inside, a full interior with gauges and creature comforts fill the cabin, while under the bonnet resides things like power steering, to keep things comfortable.


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