Zeekr: Geely launches new brand for premium electric vehicles

Geely on Tuesday announced the establishment of a new brand for premium electric vehicles.

Called Zeekr (Ji Ke in China), the brand will initially operate in China but eventually expand to global markets, including potentially the United States.

The first model from Zeekr will be launched as early as this fall. It will be based on the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) modular EV platform unveiled by Geely last year. The flexible platform, which enables a range of over 400 miles, will eventually be used by most Geely brands, including Volvo.

Geely SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) modular EV platform

Geely SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) modular EV platform

More models will follow in quick succession. Geely said there will be at least one new Zeekr launched every year over the next five years. Zeekr won’t have any of its own plants but will outsource production to Geely which is getting into the contract manufacturing game.

To stand out, Zeekr will be positioned as an EV technology company similar to Tesla. As such, it will develop its own core systems like batteries and battery management systems, as well as electric motors. It will also establish its own value chain.

Unlike some of Geely’s other brands, Zeekr will be fully owned by Geely and related entities. Its ownership will be split 51:49 between Geely Holding and the Geely car brand. Geely Holding Chairman and founder Li Shufu will serve as chairman of Zeekr.


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