Samcosport BMW E30 M3 Coolant Hose Kit

The Welsh silicone wizards at Samcosport have released a race-quality silicone hose kit for the modern day classic that is the E30 M3. Thanks to its ‘80s good looks and DTM credentials, the E30 M3 is fast becoming a rapidly-appreciating classic. The new Samcosport kit allows lucky owners to effect a true ‘fit and forget’ upgrade thanks to their superior-quality French silicone composition and entirely hand-finished construction.

Although many M3s are now leading a fairly cosseted life, many are still flexing their Bavarian muscles on track and race days, making the SamcoSport kit an essential upgrade, thanks to its almost limitless capacity to withstand heat and pressure, vastly in excess of the factory parameters.

15 different colour finishes are available for those looking to ascribe to a race ready demeanour, or for the concours purist, the matt black ‘classic’ look. This one is all ‘Munich’ on the outside and ‘monster’ on the inside. The ideal compromise between originality and ability.

The 13 piece kit retails at £199.60 + VAT and can be upgraded to include all necessary stainless steel hose clips for just £41.49 + VAT.

For more information please visit or call the team on 01443 238464.

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