Watch as F1 ace Robert Kubica takes on the Nurburgring in the Apex BMW M4. He ended up completing over 700km in laps…

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The Nurburgring isn’t a circuit for the faint hearted. Featuring 12.9 miles of tarmac with armco barriers placed either side within metres of the track, it can be a daunting place to drive fast. But for someone that has graced the grid of Formula 1, the Nurburgring isn’t so daunting.

Turning up to the track, he headed straight over to Apex where he hops into the ring taxi used by Apex to usually take passengers out for an adrenaline-filled hot lap; Robert Kubica, however,  hopped into the driver’s seat to show Misha, an Apex driver, what he can do.

The result? Robert Kubica ended up doing 36 laps of the Nurburgring (over 700km!) in the Apex BMW M4, which resulted in more damage than you’d first think. First up, the wheel bearings that normally hold up for around 200-300 laps gave up the ghost. The brake pads? They were half way through their life-cycle, despite being brand new before Robert jumping into the hot seat. The tyres? Those Nankang AR-1 semi-slicks were showing signs of delamination after 16 laps…

The difference between putting someone as talented as Robert Kubica in the driver’s seat is that the car will be driven close to its limit, riding kerbs that wouldn’t usually be hit by a novice or even intermediate driver. In fact, Misha went into some of the costs as a result of Robert’s driving in the video below, it’s well worth a watch!

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