The new BMW M240i is finally here having been teased over the past few months. We break down the top 5 facts about the new 2er.

Keep your grille on

Good news for BMW fans who hated the German outfit’s new design language, the new BMW M240i doesn’t have hideous grilles, instead, has a much smaller, neater design. As for the rest of the front, its a much tighter affair, more angular and aggressive looking. We can’t wait to see what the new M2 will look like!

New BMW M240i

Internal combustion baby!

Powering the new BMW M240i is the B58 turbocharged straight-six motor that we’ve come to love. In this M240i guise it muscles up 369bhp and will accelerate from 0-62mph in just 4.3 seconds thanks to a new xDrive drivetrain and an eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox. Sadly, no option for manual here! Top speed is limited to 155mph.

New BMW M240i


Sadly you won’t be leaving 11s down the road with the new BMW M240i, as mentioned above, it comes exclusively with BMW’s xDrive drivetrain, which means all-wheel drive. If you do want RWD thrills, well you’ll need to step down to the more humble BMW 220i or 220d, featuring 180bhp and 184bhp respectively. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to swing the back out in the M240i as it features a mode to transfer more power towards the rear.

New BMW M240i

New platform

For the new BMW M240i, BMW hasn’t used the 1-Series platform, which is now a far more sensible, front-wheel drive/AWD affair which shares most of its components with MINI. As a result, the bespoke 2-Series platform is a proper sports car chassis, offering a stiffer body that is 105mm longer and 64mm wider than the older 2er, as well as sitting a comfortable 25mm lower to the ground. BMW has even increased the negative camber for a sharper turn in, with lighter suspension components to shed weight. This isn’t just a coupé with a big engine, it’s a proper sports car.


The new BMW M240i starts at just under £46,000. If you fancy something with a smaller engine, you can opt for the 220i, which sits at the bottom of the ladder but starts at £35k, so Golf GTI Mk8 money.

New BMW M240i

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