Watch as the Manthey Racing GT3 RS completes a lap of the Nurburgring in 6:49.6 as it goes within 10 seconds of the unofficial record-holding Manthey Racing GT2 RS. Yep, Manthey is no stranger to mind-blowing Nurburgring lap times.

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When it comes to producing incredible lap times, Manthey Racing has made a name for itself. After Porsche took the crown of the Nurburgring with the GT2 RS and a lap time of 6:47, Manthey Racing went about beating that feat with its own version of the GT2 RS, completing the same distance in 6:40, an impressive 7 seconds quicker. It must be noted that this lap time relates to a 20.6km distance, which does not include the T13 section. With that section included, the GT3 RS MR completed the lap in 6:54. It’s no surprise though, given its motorsport history and connections with Porsche. In fact, as of 2013, Porsche owns 51% of the outfit.

With the Manthey Racing GT3 RS, the company didn’t go about adding more power and instead focused all of its efforts on the chassis and body. The development work it put in on the GT2 RS meant that all the parts could be, in effect, an evolution of themselves, and include a new adjustable coilover setup, aerodynamics and upgraded brakes.

That aero package includes new canards, optional rear-wheel covers and that giant wing, which generates so much extra downforce that the deck it sits on had to be reinforced with carbon fibre to avoided breaking.

All in all, the Manthey Racing GT3 RS package comes in at a whopping £55k.


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