Before the Toyota GT86 replacement has even had a chance to land, HKS has turned its hand to the Toyota GR 86, bolting on a supercharger for over 300bhp thrills. 

What do we know about this HKS Toyota GR 86 then? Well we know HKS has attached its “GT2 supercharger” complete with other necessary hardware to boost power to a figure we suggest will be over 300bhp, although no specific performance figures have been released. However, given the standard GR 86 produces 228bhp, you’d expect forced induction to lift that 70bhp or so.

HKS Toyota GR 86

Other performance improvements have been made by way of a carbon-covered inlet manifold, a “Hi-Power Spec L II” lightweight sports exhaust with titanium wrapped tips and HKS oil cooler kit to maintain engine oil temperatures at a safe level.

HKS Toyota GR 86

On the chassis side of things, HKS Hipermax S coilovers drop the ride height while also offering “the best ride in HKS suspension history”, big claims then. The wheels? They are Yokohama Advan GTs to save weight.

On the stlying front, a HKS bodykit comprises of a front lip spoiler and canards, side skirts, a rear under spoiler and a GT wing plus a ducktail for maximum spoiler points.

HKS Toyota GR 86

You can watch the HKS Toyota GR 86 below as the company released a video of its latest concept.

[embedded content]


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