Following last month’s 7.3 magnitude earthquake, the Ebisu circuit operators are appealing for financial support after finding the damage was more than first thought.

While Ebisu circuit resonates with petrolheads around the world, it is reeling from the damage caused by Japan’s most recent earthquake, which was in itself an aftershock from the earthquake and tsunami devastation caused in 2011.

Thankfully, the majority of the track came away unscathed, parts of it were hit hard by the earthquake and subsequent land slides.

Ebisu Circuit

With Covid already causing the cancellation of a number of high profile events that take place at Ebisu, the earthquake has proven to be more costly than first thought, with the circuit appealing for donations in order to repair the damage caused and remain open for years to come.

Seen by some as the mecca of drifting, lets hope Ebisu makes a quick recovery.


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