It’s safe to say that we see our fair share of new coilover kits here at FC, after all, that’s just what we do, right? A car just isn’t modified until you mess with the chassis. Everyone knows it’s the no.1 rule of car culture.

However, rather than developing new applications for existing products, Bilstein has launched a completely new range of performance-focused upgrades. That’s what’s known in the business as a big fookin’ deal, and it goes double when it just happens to be one of the world’s most respected brands.

Well, Bilstein certainly haven’t done things by halves here, either. Their brand-spanking EVO Line comes in three variations covering street performance, uncompromising track prowess and even those awkward modern cars that have all sorts of adaptive factory features. In other words, we’re looking at exactly the sort of attention to detail that makes German engineering so renowned across the world.

The range starts with the EVO S model, which is built to meet all OEM standards and designed for sporty (but compliant) fast-road handling that vastly increases cornering speed ability and offers more stable traction. The EVO SE units offer more of the same but come as a direct-fit plug-and-play solution for cars that have electronic in-car adjustable suspension parameters. And then there’s the daddy of them all – the hardcore EVO R variant – which has been engineered specifically for the circuit. These feature separate 10-click adjustment of bump and rebound settings and offer the highest possible cornering speeds, along with brutal traction and optimum grip.

So, what we’ve got here is clearly something for everyone, but what’s even more impressive is that they’re keeping the prices in line with their existing products, even though all kits developed from now on will be part of the EVO Performance Line. Flash as you like, we think you’ll agree.

Price £POA

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