2021 marks ABT Sportsline’s 125th anniversary and to celebrate, the German tuner has turned its attention to the biggest SUV in the Audi family and created the ABT RSQ8-R.

With 740hp and 678ft lb of torque, the ABT RSQ8-R boasts a 0-62mph time of just 3.4 seconds according to ABT, shaving off a cool 0.4 seconds from the 3.8 second standard time. It’ll also go on to crack 195mph, too.

The increase of 140hp comes about thanks to a new ECU module, as well as a new intercooler and ABT exhaust system.


Just 125 ABT RSQ8-R cars will be built to mark 125 years, with this one finished in San Marino Blue, a colour usually associated with BMW.

It’s not just the trouser department that’s been given a helping hand, ABT has treated the Audi RS Q8 to a new aero package. It combines front skirt add-ons, front lip with add-on and mirror caps, side skirts, wheelhouse ventilation, fender extensions, a rear skirt add-on and a rear spoiler.


The wheels? They’re a colossal 23-inches in size with 295/35 section tyres. Here they’re finished in black, which can be chosen by the customer.

Chassis-wise, ABT has fettled with the car’s air suspension for sportier dynamics. When the car is set to comfort, the suspension drops by 25mm, where as in dynamic its dropped by 15mm.


Inside, the ABT RSQ8-R benefits from a new steering wheel, armrest and refined centre console, as well as upgrading the seats.

Given ABT’s rich history and the fact that this car celebrates that 125 year history, you can bet that the limited edition series of cars will not be cheap. The package costs just over £60,000 to complete and comes with a 2-year warranty from ABT Sportsline.


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