The 2020 Audi TT RS had a little rework to help it meet strict EU emissions laws. We got behind the wheel to find out whether it has lost some of its urgency.

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With 400hp on tap, you might not be questioning the 2020 Audi TT RS’s urgency. But, the 2.5-litre, turbocharged five-pot felt a touch lethargic in the Audi RS Q3 we drove recently. The changes to the engine thanks to emissions laws means that while power and technical specifications remain the same, from behind the wheel, power down low feels obsolete.

Sadly, the engine suffers massively with turbo lag, with you having to wait a good few seconds for boost to come on tap should you be under around 3000rpm and plant your foot. Thankfully, elsewhere, the TT RS stands tall against its competitors, offering good road comfort, huge levels of grip thanks to that quattro system, and an interior that puts it at the top of its class.

With plenty of mods available for the 2020 Audi TT RS, and the news that Audi will no longer be building a TT as we know it, is now the time to buy the baby supercar?


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