Who doesn’t love a fapping huge split-five? Especially when it’s a classic design, with a smattering of concave goodness, where the spokes go all the way to the edge to make it look even bigger!

The Wolfrace Dortmund has always been one of the top picks in their popular Eurosport range, and now even more so because of the three sexy new finishes they’re rolling out for 2019.

The bronze and matt black offerings are a thoroughly restrained, hardcore affair, while the Blackberry looks… well, good enough to eat.

In fact, if you lick it, it tastes of blackberries too (no it doesn’t, and please don’t do that – Jules). Properly tasty!

Sizes: 8.5×18, 8.5×19, 8.5×20
PCDS: Any 5×108-5×120
Offsets: ET35-42
Finishes: Matt Black, Black Polished, Gloss Black, Gunmetal Polished, Bronze, Blackberry

Priced from £135 (each)

For more info see Wolfrace


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