What Is Your Favourite Jaguar Race Car?

Motorsport News is on the hunt again, and this time it is a poll guaranteed to stir the emotions. We are on the hunt for your favourite Jaguar race car. 

The Big Cats have roared on the circuits (and on the rally stages) for decades, and there is something so appealing about the prestige English manufacturer. While most of its high-profile successes have come on the sportscar scene, it has been a major player in saloon car racing and has also had a dalliance in Formula 1 (although that is probably best not mentioned…)

So get your thinking caps on and select your favourite from the list below. Choose wisely, as you only get one vote.

Motorsport News editor Matt James said: “The Jaguar name is special, and just look at the influx of fans that the marque brought to Le Mans when it returned to top-flight racing with Tom Walkinshaw in the late 1980s.

“Here is your chance to let us know your favourite model the Coventry firm has devised, and we will publish the results in our Jaguar special which is coming out on May 26.”


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