Volkswagen’s beach buggy is back and this time it’s electric

The teasers and rumors were correct. Volkswagen confirmed Wednesday that it plans to revive the beach buggy, or dune buggy as some might call it, with a modern twist: It’s electric.

The reborn buggy will make its concept car debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show in March. It’s not clear just what VW will call the show car, however.

The buggy rides on VW’s new, modular all-electric MEB platform. It’s MEB that could enable VW to put low-volume niche models, such as a buggy, into production in the future. The automaker’s MEB platform is like a skateboard with the battery mounted in the middle down low for rigidity. The electric motor is mounted in the rear, like the original Beetle. That sounds like a recipe for a fun day on the beach, if you ask us.

Volkswagen Geneva Show Electric Buggy concept

Volkswagen Geneva Show Electric Buggy concept

With big wheel arches, oversized wheels and off-road tires, and round Beetle-esque headlights, the teaser images VW released hint at a classic VW dune buggy with modern curves.

There are no doors or roof, of course, because this is a dune buggy for the beach. It’s meant to throw sand in its occupants’ faces, not to keep the elements out. 

Originally sold as a kit car back in 1964 by Bruce Meyers for desert racing, the buggy has a cult-like following and rich history of cheeky fun.

It’s unclear if the revived buggy will ever hit the road. Its lack of doors would make crash-testing a challenge. 

We’ll learn more on March 5 when VW unveils the Buggy at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. 


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