Looking for a touch more performance from your K20? The TTS supercharger for the Civic Type R FN2 is right up your street.

The Honda Civic Type R FN2 may not have the same following as its iconic forebear the CTR EP3, but peel back that polarizing angular styling and you’ll find the similar, over-engineered K20 engine that is just begging to be tuned to the hilt. What the screaming 2.0-litre VTEC unit has in abundance is revs, but it does lack torque and that’s where naturally aspirated tuning struggles to really add gains, as it often relies on raising the stratospheric rev-limit even higher with peaky cams.

No, the best solution to add meat to the K20’s power curve is boost, and the supercharger conversions from Silverstone-based TTS-Performance are some of the best in the business. Using a range of Rotrex centrifugal superchargers, capable of boost pressures of up to 20psi, plus all the necessary ancillaries, associated belts, pipes, hoses, clips and even an intercooler, oil cooler and new filter needed to ready the installation for mapping, your FN2 can flex its new muscles to the tune of up to 600bhp!

TTS supercharger for Civic Type R FN2

Kits are available in a range of supercharger sizes depending on your pocket and desired level of performance, and the best part of all is that on many of the kits you can keep your air con intact, making this conversion just as handy on your daily driver as it would be on a track weapon.

TTS supercharger for Civic Type R FN2

Price: from £4662


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