Mercedes-AMG teases electrified GT 4-Door Coupe due in 2020

When the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept bowed in 2017 as a preview of the GT 4-Door Coupe, the striking show car was said to boast a powerful electrified V-8 under the hood. So far, such a powertrain hasn’t taken shape, but it appears that will soon change. The Affalterbach, Germany-based performance squad has a video out […]

VW imagines a world where mobile robots take the hassle out of charging

In a world where cars are able to drive themselves, the question of how they will be refueled often comes up. In the case of electric cars, we’ve already seen some solutions for automatic charging, and now Volkswagen has thrown its hat into the ring. The automaker on Thursday unveiled a concept for a mobile […]

Watch a Christmas tree hit 181 mph strapped to a 1,000-hp Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

Christmas is drawing near and you still haven’t gone out and found a tree? Well, if you need to get one in a hurry, and we mean a real hurry, one of the better options is a Jeep Grand Cherokee tuned by Hennessey Performance Engineering. The Texan tuner demonstrated this by taking a tree strapped […]