Roborace’s DevBot 2.0 debuts, and it actually looks cool

Despite technical setbacks, Roborace is pushing forward with plans to let self-driving race cars duke it out on a racetrack. The startup racing series published a new set of images via a Twitter announcement on Monday that show the original prototype DevBot’s transformation into the more advanced DevBot 2.0. DevBot 2.0 features an impressive design, […]

Hot Wheels introduces Roborace self-driving race car model

Roborace has plans to take humans out of the cockpit in a futuristic machine-versus-machine race series, but before that happens, it’s putting its Robocars in the hands of people—quite literally. That’s because the latest Robocar is a 1:64 scale model in the form of a Hot Wheels toy. Hot Wheels and Roborace announced the new […]