Junkyard Mini Cooper gets second life as racing simulator

To Brent Cheney, Little Tikes race car beds were always cool. In fact, as an adult he wanted one made out of a Ferrari F40. That was too tall of an order, so Cheney looked for something else to satisfy his car obsession. An ’80s kid, he had fond memories of the Cruis’n USA arcade […]

Watch a Christmas tree hit 181 mph strapped to a 1,000-hp Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

Christmas is drawing near and you still haven’t gone out and found a tree? Well, if you need to get one in a hurry, and we mean a real hurry, one of the better options is a Jeep Grand Cherokee tuned by Hennessey Performance Engineering. The Texan tuner demonstrated this by taking a tree strapped […]

The most insane Power Wheels Porsche 911 GT3 is powered by a motorcycle engine

This motorcycle-powered Porsche 911 GT3 RS build is the dream of every kid who had a Power Wheels fetish. In his own words, Steve Hessick’s Power Wheels GT3 rides on a custom chassis “built for shenanigans.” And there are shenanigans aplenty to be seen in the videos included here.  [embedded content] Hessick’s custom build has […]