Step inside the Airbus autonomous drone

Add Airbus as one of dozens of companies working to bring autonomous flying taxis to life. The company has been working on its prototype Vahana autonomous drone for awhile now, but on Monday the firm revealed the first pictures of the vehicle’s cockpit.

What’s neat is this is actually the second full-scale prototype Vahana. The company previously built what it calls Alpha One, while this model is called Alpha Two. Alpha One will continue to handle flight testing, while engineers and designers work on the interior cockpit and other solutions with Alpha Two. Impressively, Alpha One has completed 50 full-scale test flights so far.

Airbus Vahana autonomous drone

Airbus Vahana autonomous drone

Back to Alpha Two, the cockpit reveals a minimalistic interior with one seat and a screen ahead of the passenger. The company said it’s worked hard to ensure passengers will see the horizon directly in front of them during their flight.

The first-person photo shows what it could be like once an individual steps inside the machine. The interior also features what looks like white leather, silver seatbelt buckles, and a blonde wood accent. Each of the materials and colors mix to create a trendy in-flight space.

Airbus Vahana autonomous drone

Airbus Vahana autonomous drone

One of the few areas that remains up for debate is how passengers will enter the cockpit. Vahana said it envisions “vertiports” (airports for these kinds of drones) could have platforms or even steps.

There’s no word on performance specs, but the news that full-scale tests have gone well is promising. However, most of the tests have only taken the autonomous drone a few feet in the air for a short period of time. Nevertheless, Airbus and its Vahana subsidiary team are determined to make personal flight craft a reality, as is depicted in the video below.

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