What with the mentalist Rotiform CVT we posted recently, it looks like the US boys aren’t resting on their laurels, because here’s yet another absolute jaw-dropper!

These Rotiform hoops seem to be just like London buses lately, you wait in anticipation for a while, and then bam! They all come along at once. Still, at least they’re also available in red, eh?

Anyway, there’s lots to drool over with this forged offering. For a start, the BKK here manages to look classy, but with a distinct hardcore
motorsport (maybe even off-road) look at the same time.

In fact, this monster has been here for all of 3-seconds and it’s already one of our all-time favourites. Any size (more or less) and any fitment too. Epic!

Sizes: Any 14-24 diameter, any 6-16 width,
PCD: All 5-stud
Offset: Any
Finishes: Any custom

Priced from £855 (each)

For more info see Rotiform


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