Back in the day, when the FC team were mere padawan learners in the ways of the modifying force, ‘1-litre’ loosely translated as ‘grandma’s shopping car’. But, that’s not the case nowadays, is it?

Nope, the Mk8 Fiesta EcoBoost is a perfect example; this little street stormer puts out a whopping 123bhp from its 1.0 engine. Let’s say that again – one hundred and twenty-three horses – more than we could ever dream of in the XR2is that none of us could actually insure in the ‘90s!

And what’s more, the 1.0 is supposed to be one of the base models. The car world has clearly moved on. Anyway, the point is that the EcoBoost is easily one of the best first cars out there and, as all first cars need first mods, this Ramair kit is right up our street, too.

The short of it is that mods have moved on as far as the cars themselves, and this kit is a far cry from banging on a universal filter and hoping for the best. Finished in an OEM-style black, it’s not only one of the best-looking entry-level intakes on the market, but the high-flow foam filter has been painstakingly developed under rigorous testing to deliver a massive 58% increase in airflow.

It also comes with its own laser-cut heatshield to keep everything as cool as possible, a CNC machined boss for the OEM air temperature sensor, and a constant 60mm diameter all the way through.

But what’s best of all? Well, that’s obvious – it’s simply the fact that it’s proven to bag your little 1-litre even more horsepower.

Yep, it’s good to be young in the 21st Century, and you can get free delivery to your door tomorrow… funnily enough we didn’t have any of that in the ‘90s either!

Price £150

For more info see Ramair


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