It’s a strange one, this rather epic new design from Radi8. On one hand it’s absolute insanity, precisely as mad as those lunatics you see staggering around shouting at traffic.

On the other though, it manages to look all refined and distinctly classic, all at the same time. In other words, you’re looking at the holy grail of wheel design here, a trick that’s almost impossible to pull off.

Anyway, they’re not messing about with rolling out the options on this one either. These are available in 2-piece and forged monoblocks, any 17-22 diameters, any width (forged) and there’s also a few more budget-conscious 19 and 20-inch cast versions.

Although we will say that, if you fancy a set of those (which clearly, we all do), you’d better get your pre-orders in a bit sharpish. We can see these flying out the door at quite a rate over the summer. Finish wise you can have hypersilver, dark mist for the casts or the colour of your choice if you go for a bespoke number.

Still, if there’s one thing to be said about the wheel world it’s that it needs more of this kind of thinking. There’s no holding back if you want to make a real splash. And a complete lack of restraint is something that Radi8 always do impeccably.

Price £TBC

For more info see Radi8


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