Santa Pod Saturday Night Special 20th February 2010

Santa Pod Raceway, the home of European drag racing has announced its first ‘Saturday Night Special’ (SNS) date for 2010. The 20th of February… and every kind of car and motorbike is invited!

As if drag racing your very own pride and joy wasn’t fun enough, Santa Pod’s SNS events let you race throughout the day, with the track firing up at 9am, and then on into the night, under the high output track lights in the most evocative atmosphere in motorsport. Think night racing is the exclusive reserve of professional Top-Fuellers, Le Mans stars and F1 legends? Think again!

For the usual fee of £10 admission plus your choice of sign-on fee, you’ll get the usual mix of ‘Run What You Brung’ goodness, with the freedom to exploit the ‘Pod’s ultra-grippy quarter-mile and FIA approved timing gear all day long. With the added advantage of passengers over the age of 17 now allowed to ride under race conditions, it’s the perfect day out for car clubs and enthusiasts.

As the light dims however, the action ramps up a gear, with Fireforce, the Pod’s own Jet Funny Car laying down some 270mph display runs and hard-charging racing continuing into the night. Then of course, it’s time to hit the on-site bar, enjoy an evening of free musical entertainment and sink a few beers. With free weekend camping for anyone purchasing a weekend admission ticket (£20 on the gate or just £15 in advance) you can really relax and enjoy yourself – and blow the froth of a couple in the process.

The gates open on Saturday at 8am. Signing on costs £30 per driver for unlimited runs from 9am to 9pm, £25 per driver for unlimited runs from 9am to 4pm, and £10 per driver for unlimited runs from 4pm to 9pm (weather and track conditions permitting). You’ll get full computerised timing slips on each run, measuring your reactions, terminal speed and total quarter mile time. Driving Licences required to run on the strip, but cars running under 110mph on the quarter mile don’t even require the driver to wear a helmet!

As one of life’s ‘must do’ automotive experiences, Drag racing at night rates right up there!. It’s cheap, it’s fun and it’s safe! And best of all you can swap heroic tales in the bar afterwards without worrying about your licence! See you there!

For more information, please visit or call the team on 01234 782828.

Richbrook Dipstick Wiper

Don’t Be A Dipstick.. Check Your Oil With Richbrook

Richbrook’s somewhat self-explanatory Dipstick Wiper might just solve a perennial automotive problem. Every single year, literally millions of engines fail due to the wholly avoidable problem of lack of oil. We all know that we should check it, but faffing around looking for a rag to wipe the dipstick is often discouragement enough for us to wait until the oil light comes on to tell us that something’s wrong.

Keeping an oily rag in the car isn’t too pleasant either. Under the bonnet it might get sucked into the air intake or fan, or worse still get hot and catch fire. The best you can hope for is that it gets full of water and slowly rusts through the inner wing..

The Dipstick Wiper, as well as being the source of numerous double-entendres and ‘Only Fools and Horses’ gags around the Richbrook offices, offers a neatly self contained solution to this simple, but vitally important problem.

Simply turn the top to reveal an absorbent foam aperture. Slide the oily dipstick through to fully clean it and then take a clear and accurate reading from the sump. Simple as that. Turn the top to close and any oily residue is kept safely inside, meaning that it can reside anywhere, from your trouser pocket – to your glovebox or toolkit. True ergonomiscists can even use the enclosed 3M adhesive pad to affix the ‘Rodney’ (as he’s known) to a suitable place in the engine bay, meaning that a handy, clean wipe – and possibly a hilarious pun – is always within easy reach.

At £2.95 including VAT, postage and packing from, it’s the cheapest way to ensure that your engine is in tip-top order. You’d be a plonker not to, Rodney!

For more information on the Richbrook range of high quality car accessories, please visit or call the team on 01328 862387.

Motorsport Cameras

If you are involved in the Motorsport world then you have more than likely seen cars with cameras attached to them by now. The world has been going mad about videos for years but more recently it seems to becoming more and more popular within the Motorsport industries.

Many race teams are now using on-board motorsport cameras to capture footage from inside and out side of the vehicle. Using sturdy bullet camera systems which can be mounted on spoilers, roll cages and body panels teams are capturing some of the best footage that even the TV cameras miss.

In addition to the fun side of things these cameras can also be used for training and safety, lets say you had a small bullet camera mounted on your dashboard and were to have someone pull out on you. There is your evidence if the person who pulled out on you decided that they did not want to take the blame, you have everything you need on video.

Two very useful uses for a motorsport camera, not to mention many more….