Richbrook Real Carbon Fibre Sheet. Weave Some Magic

Thanks to Richbrook, tuners, race car engineers and kit car builders have the perfect solution to trimming and finishing any flat or single curvature panels: Their genuine Carbon Fibre sheet.

As the description suggests, this is no ‘me too’ hackneyed lookalike, these are  genuine sheets of flexible carbon fibre sheet, backed with powerful 3M adhesive to allow it to stick to any smooth and flat surface.

Although the sheet is very strong, it can be moulded around simple curvature panels and shapes to create stunning looking and authentic surface finishes that add the perfect finishing touch to a vast array of vehicles.

The sizes of sheet are available. 24 x 38cm, 38 x 48cm and a huge 48 x 76 cm. All kits include a super-sharp craft knife to achieve a perfect edge when cutting. Prices start at £19.95 for the 24 x 38cm. So, make sure you’re getting enough fibre in your life!

For more information on the Richbrook range of high quality car accessories, please visit or call the team on 01328 862387.

Cobra Clio C Sports Lowering Kits. Hot Frog!

Leading suspension manufacturer Cobra Springs has released details of its lowering spring range for all models of the popular Clio ‘C’ model – available from 2005 onwards.

The Cobra range offers no less than 6 different kits for the popular hot hatch, covering all engine variants from the 1.2 right up to the 2.0 16valve model and in a range of drops from 25-45mm.

The manufacturing process behind each kit sets it apart from the competition. Each spring is cold-wound from high tensile Chromium–Silicone wire before being shot-peened for longevity and then finished with a phosphate treatment and baked-on resin powder coating, for a hard corrosion resistant shell.

With the kit fitted, the new, lower centre of gravity improves turn-in and driver response, whilst eliminating roll and keeping the car flatter and more positive in sweeping turns. The kits also come with an unparalleled lifetime warranty against breakage, making them unique in the UK marketplace.

Prices start at £114.29+ VAT for most kits.. So what are you waiting for? Get on down!

For more details please visit or call Cobra on 01530 517920

Revolution 15 Row Oil Cooler Kit. Keep Your Cool

Respected tuner and mail-order supremos Revolution Motorstore have released a comprehensive 15 row oil cooler kit to suit all modified, high-performance, drift and track cars.

Every engine relies on its oil to help the cooling process as well as reducing friction and carrying worn particles away from moving areas. No matter how good your oil, if you can keep it cooler, its viscosity stays more constant and its level of protection is optimised. By allowing the lubricant to be cooled in a high-airflow position via the 15-row cooler, engine wear can be significantly reduced and engine life can be extended.

The superbly engineered kit includes everything needed for fitment to almost any petrol or diesel vehicle. Parts include the cooler itself, a beautiful CNC machined remote oil cooler housing, all aeroquip style lines and three lengths of high-quality stainless braided oil pipe to allow a multitude of different fixing options in a wide variety of cars and light commercials.

The kit can usually be fitted in an hour or so and is an essential upgrade for anyone running  a higher state of tune, towing a caravan or trailer – or for any vehicle that regularly ventures onto track. Priced at £179.99 all in, the kits is significantly cheaper than rebuilding an engine!

For more information, please click to or call the team on 0845 002 3009.