Maxxd LSOM January 2008

Well then! What a way to start 2008! Even though we have had to move location, and dispite the police bringing new laws in about modified cars being in groups, we had a stunning turnout last night at early doors in mansfield!


Its good to see the range of cars around mansfield, and that the new laws have not put people off from coming out, meeting up and having a laugh 🙂

Cruising Is Not A Crime!

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If you want a 2008 wallplanner with all the show dates on for FREE please either come out on wednesday to early doors again, or PM me and ill post you one out!

Maxxd – Modified Car Culture Magazine 2008

Hi guys – some of you may remember the Maxxd Mag from last year, well after much research and development we are pleased to announce that the next edition will be out soon!


We have given it a full makeover, and it will be given out FREE at the large car shows this year. For more info click over to the magazine homepage. –