Rota Alloy Wheels – we are “lovin em”

Since the world went JDM and Drift crazy there are a brand of alloy wheel that has taken the scene by storm. Yes, you guess it, ROTA.

You may have recognised that Rota Alloy Wheels are being used by alot of Japanese cars owners and you have probably seen many Nissan Skyline’s wearing a set. The range of wheels on offer from Rota are mainly aimed at the Japanese car market but have recently been spotted on VW Golfs which I must say look amazing and we are pretty confident that the wheels will become increasingly popular over the next few years.

Ollie (our Club Manager) is investing in a set of GTR’s for his Nissan 200sx which will be exhibiting at a number of shows this year so pop over to our stand and check it out…

Autoglym Continues as ‘Pod Lane Sponsor Until 2014!

Santa Pod Raceway, home of European Drag Racing is delighted to announce its continued association with Royal warranted surface care manufacturers, Autoglym.

The highly respected British firm has been a part of ‘Pod culture for over five years now, being a lane sponsor of the venue’s hallowed quarter mile as well as the polish of choice for most discerning show goers and concourse d’elegance entrants.

The new deal sees the two names inextricably linked for the next five years, cementing one of the most enduring partnerships in the sport’s history.

Commenting on the renewed association, Autoglym  managing Director David Rogers said, ‘Autoglym has enjoyed a close association with Santa Pod for a number of years and we are extremely excited to have signed a new agreement to continue our branding and Lane Sponsorship deal for a further 5 years. Not only does Santa Pod afford Autoglym the opportunity to promote itself to thousands of devoted drag racing fans, but the sheer diversity of the events held there provides us with an unrivalled audience of committed car enthusiasts, all of whom represent  the perfect target audience for our award winning range of car care products.’

Santa Pod’s 2010 season starts with DWYB track days from the 13th of January and the event calendar begins with Stunt Night on the 19th February.

For more details and all 2009 dates, please click to or call the team on 01234 782828.

Take a friend on your 1/4 Mile Run @ Santa Pod

Santa Pod, the home of European drag racing has just turned the track day market on its head, by being the first venue in the UK to allow guests to drive under fully timed race conditions – with a passenger!

In a dynamic change to their rules and regulations, the ‘Pod has made it possible for any enthusiast enjoying a day’s full-tilt driving (at £35 all in) to take a passenger alongside, under race conditions, for only a £10 sign-on fee!

Passengers will need to bring their full UK driving licence and sign on in the usual manner, but having done so – and once presented with their wristband, they are free to ride shotgun with anybody on the start line that would like them onboard. With events running every month and at every major Santa Pod show there are over 50 separate opportunities in 2010 for a bit of twos-up, heads-up racing! Any road legal car is eligible, but understandably, real race car drivers and bikers will have to travel solo!

Upon announcing the move, Santa Pod MD, David Lloyd Jones was quick to point out the many benefits. ‘We’re proud to have added this new dimension to our RWYB days,’ he said. ‘By allowing passengers, it not only makes it a far more enjoyable day for groups of friends attending, but also opens the door for any tuners or commercial organisations to come along and showcase their wares to prospective customers. This fundamental change in our running regulations also means we can offer ‘experience’ rides to allow newcomers to the sport to discover the thrill of the quarter mile, for the price of a round of drinks.’

Although each run is limited to one passenger per car, there is no limit to the amount of guests accompanying each car, so if you’re looking to sell, to impress, to entertain – or even for a first date with a difference, why not try the new RWYB for two?